Friday, April 16, 2010


Human beings by nature have the desire to feel among and be accepted. Nobody wants to be odd and nobody likes to be rejected. Also, we are normally not comfortable with people who are different; we prefer that everybody should be like us. The implication of these is that most people adjust their lives continuously in order to conform to the demands of their society. In effect, instead of living their own lives, they act scripts written by the majority. The majority decides and dictates the values, beliefs, dressing, conduct, disposition, attitude and lifestyle they adopt. They do this to be accepted and to remain relevant. But you don’t have to be accepted by all; and relevance is not found in conforming to the dictates of a world that desires so, but in discovering who you are, your uniqueness and peculiarity and your purpose and standing by them. In conforming you loose your identity and relevance but in realization and discovery you become outstanding. Realizing that conformity is bondage and that your full potentials can only be unleashed when you are yourself and when you live in liberty. This is the way to relevance. Free yourself today.

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